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New Skills - New Growth

A promising path towards self-sufficiency as observed from a personal perspective.

Early in 2021, members of uVuyo, an embroidery group from Legacy in Kayamandi, joined new training and skills development programmes at the Old Agricultural Hall presented by Anna Kruger, Director of Stellenbosch Crafts Alive.

The goal of this move was to afford the crafters an opportunity to build on existing skills - previously acquired under the valuable guidance of Helen Hendriks at Legacy – and to become familiar with sound business principles as well as market-related product development among others.

As a keen and informed observer of the developments unfolding before my eyes, I followed the group’s every step, from small initial victories, setbacks, in-depth discussions, renewed buoyancy and perseverance up to the point of a first measurable success: An outside order from a Stellenbosch farm for embroidered products to certain specifications, yet with enough freedom to develop own ideas, had arrived for the group! What an amazing opportunity to shine had presented itself!

A new team spirit prevailed during the production process. Problems arose, solutions were found by means of discussions. Kudos for Anna Kruger! Her expert mentorship, sure navigation of difficult passages, practical hands-on knowledge, dedication and endless patience contributed in no small measure to a successful completion of the order.

Delivery was made to an enthusiastic and happy customer, followed by a gracious invitation to the entire production team to view the work of the embroiderers in a beautiful display cabinet on the farm and up for sale. It was indeed a moment of great pride and appreciation for all concerned.

However, this is not the end of the journey for the embroidery group and Stellenbosch Crafts Alive!

There are new products to be created, more skills to be developed and mastered, new techniques to be explored. Watch the space and follow our journey!

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August 2021

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