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Tessa Jansen's Story

Tessa Jansen was born in Cape Town. She was raised by her grandmother and has lived in the Western Cape all her life.

In May 2021, Tessa had the opportunity to join a group of thirty to learn how to make mosaics. Under the guidance of Worcester artist and teacher Erica Lüttich, the group produced three mosaic panels, honoring exceptional individuals from Worcester, past and present, who were considered heroes in the eyes of the community.

Tessa relocated to the night shelter in Stellenbosch and approached Anna Kruger, Director of Stellenbosch Crafts Alive, to become part of the centre's creative training programme at the Old Agricultural Hall.

Tessa has become an integral part of Stellenbosch Crafts Alive where she receives support and mentorship. At present, she explores creative possibilities which fabric remnants and off-cuts can offer and where she can put her mosaic training to good use. With her fine sense for colour combinations and shapes, Tessa now creates beautiful cushion covers and cards, all on display at the Old Agricultural Hall in Stellenbosch.

Through her creative activities, Tessa is experiencing a sense of healing from past traumas, a feeling of belonging and discovering her inner self. She sees her own future intertwined with art and creativity, helping vulnerable individuals and communities to start the process of healing from past wrongs, enjoy freedom of expression and find themselves.

Tessa Jansen’s gifts hold the potential of growth and artistic achievements.

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August 2021

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